“Prominent Author” May 1953

If May 1954
PKD V2 (21-34)

Henry Ellis works for Terran Development. His wife Mary is proud that they have a prototype Jiffi-scuttler, which gets him to work instantaneously. A 160 mile commute is collapsed handily into the fourth dimension. Henry starts to see little people through a thin spot in the wall of the tunnel. They start to give him sheets with questions. He has them translated and answered by the Federal Library of Information and retranslated then given to the mysterious little robed figures, which Henry takes as some sort of aliens using a non-Terran language. Soon he sees they are erecting a temple to him, making sacrifices, etc. But it all ends when his boss finds out. The little people are not aliens but ancient Jews. The answers Henry gave them have been compiled in a book called Holy Bible. Henry is fired, but he seems happy in his new career as a writer, even though his wife and her friend think he has gone mad. He is working on his second book. Holy Bible was “just a little thing [he] threw together.”